Basket Trolleys

MINI BASKET TRAILERS – Mini turntable trailers with mesh or plywood boxes. Unlike platform trucks, where steering relies on swivel castors these mini trailers have a turntable steering mechanism which is invaluable where access is tight and manoeuvrability at a premium.

BASKET TRUCKS – Single and double basket trucks, basket dolly and three tier basket truck. Basket trucks are platform trucks with one or two wire mesh baskets fitted to the platform. 

MAILROOM TROLLEYS – Designed for use in the office and mailroom environment. Ideal for distribution of stationery, post and other lightweight items. Different sizes are available to suit most environments including stair-climbers. 

BASKET & TRAY TROLLEYS – Basket and tray trolleys for many uses, including stores, offices, warehouses, schools and post centres. Available with two or three tiers with choice of removable wire mesh baskets or steel trays. 

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