Justrite Water Filled Boom Diverters

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Justrite Water-Filled Boom Diverters

Temporarily divert and control fluid for easy cleanup or recovery

Use the water filled booms in storm water management, portable washdown/ pressure washing diversion, spill diversion, and equipment and personnel decontamination.

Flexible PVC film construction conforms to uneven surfaces such as asphalt or concrete to form a diversionary barrier away from storm drains or as a holding area for wet vacuum operations.

Features easy-open push plug for filling with standard water hose.

Helps comply with EPA for stormwater regulations.


ModelOpen (m)Folded (mm)Weight (Kg)
JR-284501.5 x 0.2152 x 305 x 760.9
JR-284523.0 x 0.2152 x 356 x 1021.4
JR-284547.6 x 0.2254 x 457 x 1522.7
JR-2845615.2 x 0.2254 x 457 x 1525.5